In the water

Surf, body board, windsurf, water skiing, jet skiing, towing buoys or gulling can be practiced at Praia da Vitória. There are also rides on sailing boats, kayaks and whale and dolphin watching, and thus there is a wide offer in terms of entertainment and water experiences, some of which are also available at Angra do Heroísmo. The coast of Terceira also has fine spots for sea fishing and under water spearfishing. Companies with professionals are available to guide your diving activities, and also offer diving baptism and training courses. The tidal, natural pools have excellent facilities, such as those at Salgueiros, Silveira, Negrito, Quatro Ribeiras, Biscoitos and Porto Martins.

On Land

The Algar do Carvão and the Gruta do Natal are two caves that offer extraordinary experiences in speleology. For those who enjoy exploring them, these and other caves of the island can be visited with a guide. Mountain climbing is another sport being developed on the island, and the following sites are already equipped: Chanoca, Chupa Cabras and Grota do Medo. There are also some spots available for paragliding. The island is favourable to walking, bicycle rides, mountain biking, horse and even donkey ridings. There is also the Parque Aventura (Adventure Park) in the Quinta do Galo and 4×4 SUV and quad-bike tours. Golf can be practiced at the Golf Club of Terceira.