Atlantis Legend

It is said that there was once a vast continent in the middle of the Atlantic called Atlantis. It was a wonderful place: it had beautiful scenery, mild climate, great forests, giant trees, very fertile plains, which sometimes gave two or more crops a year, and tame animals, full health and strength. Its inhabitants were the Atlanteans, who had a great civilization, even almost perfect and very rich: the palaces and temples were all covered with gold and other precious metals such as ivory, silver and tin. There were gardens, gymnasiums, stadiums … all of them richly decorated, and still harbors large and very crowded.

Their jewelry was made with a metal more valuable than gold and only they knew – the oricalco.

There was a time when the king of Atlantis mastered several surrounding islands, much of Europe and parts of North Africa. Not only won over after he was defeated by the Greeks in Athens.

The gods, seeing so much wealth and beauty, were filled with envy and, therefore, triggered an earthquake so violent that sank the continent in one night. But it seemed that this land was really magical because it did not sink completely: the tops of the tallest mountains were above the water and formed nine islands, as beautiful as the land submerged – the Azores.

Some Atlanteans survived the disaster in time and were fleeing in all directions, leaving descendants in the four corners of the world. They are all very beautiful and intelligent, though ignore their origin, they feel an inexplicable desire to return to their homeland.

Some say that before getting to the heart of Atlantis, they had discovered the secret of eternal youth, but after the cataclysm, the survivors have forgotten or do not know, and this knowledge was deep down the sea.

Plato, Greek philosopher, who lived five centuries before Christ, described this mythical land, with some details in the book “Critias” and “Timaeus”.