Terceira is the island that is permanently hosting festivities.

During the Carnival, Carnival dances are quite typical and a singular manifestation of popular theatre. For three days, the local population walks the streets in groups called danças or bailinhos. During the performances, the members of each group sing a story, often in a satirical, funny manner.

The Holy Ghost Festivals, centred on the local chapels called Impérios, are intrinsic to the spirit of Terceira. They take place during the eight weeks that run between Easter Sunday and Trinity Sunday, animating the parishes. On the rainbow island, the small chapels cannot be missed given the colourful lights ranging from white to a range of sparkling colours.

The Sanjoaninas, a festival dedicated to Saint John, the locals fill the streets of Angra do Heroísmo for ten solid days during the month of June. There are parades, concerts, bullfighting (in areas or bullfighting on a rope), food stalls, theatrical shows, fireworks and sporting events ending with a parade of popular dances.

In August, Praia da Vitória offers many celebrations. The Praia Festival includes bullfighting, exhibitions, parades, cuisine fairs with some of best local and national restaurants, music concerts with national international artists and nautical sporting events.

In the beginning of September, the Festas da Vinha e do Vinho (Vineard and Wine Festival) provide good entertainment in Biscoitos, a locality with a wine tradition.

Bullfighting is a very old tradition in Terceira, the island that keeps many bull farms. This activity is divided into arena bullfights (or on the sand of a beach, such as those during the Feasts of Praia), and the typical touradas à corda (bullfighting on a rope), when the bull runs on the streets tied to a long rope held by a group of men. The bullfighting season normally takes place between the months of May and October, and these events are either booked with fixed dates or occur spontaneously.

The highest musical tradition of the island are cantares ao desafio (challenging verses). To this day, the festivities of Terceira are filled with singers who improvise and delight the audience.