The Azorean archipelago, with its rich history and many traditions, is known for its arts and handicrafts. Artisan have saved and developed their workmanship techniques through the centuries.

Due to their isolated location Azorean craftsmen use primarily raw materials such as wood, fish scales, whale bone and teeth, basalt, hydrangea, piths, potter’s earth and corn leaves.

By having special schools for Handicraft, we try to keep the old traditions of the first Azoreans alive.

Embroideries in white, raw or red linen have been classified as a Certified Origin Quality Product. Colourful bread spreads are made on weaver’s looms.

The typical Viola da Terra (local guitar), common throughout the Archipelago, has many versions in Terceira, ranging from 15 to 18 strings instead of the traditional 12.

Clay and wicker works complete the main handicrafts of the island.