The Gourmet Guide: Exploring the Local Gastronomy of Terceira Island

Terceira Island, part of the Azores archipelago, is a tourist destination that offers more than just stunning scenery and a rich history. The local gastronomy is a true delight for gourmets, offering a variety of traditional Portuguese dishes with an Azorean touch.

The Gastronomic Experience on Terceira Island

On Terceira Island, you can expect a variety of traditional dishes that reflect the region’s rich Portuguese heritage, as well as the unique influence of the Azorean marine environment. The local gastronomy is an intriguing mix of flavors from the sea and the land.

The city of Angra do Heroísmo, for example, is home to several restaurants offering traditional Azorean dishes. The Beira Mar restaurant is particularly known for its speciality, rump, a meat dish roasted in a clay oven. In addition, it offers a breathtaking view of the port, making the meal a truly memorable experience.

Stay and Gastronomy at Atlântida Mar Hotel

If you are looking for a place to stay on Terceira Island, Atlântida Mar Hotel is an excellent choice. Located on the beachfront of Praia da Vitória bay, this award-winning hotel offers not only comfortable accommodation and stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, but also access to a variety of culinary experiences.

Hotel guests have easy access to local restaurants. For example, the R3 restaurant, which is just one minute walk from the hotel, stands out for its modern and elegant architecture and its diverse cuisine. The offer ranges from salads and healthy food on the lower floor to fish and seafood dishes on the upper floor. In addition, it offers an intimate setting for romantic dinners, with surprising dishes such as confit octopus with yam purée, sautéed mushrooms and bacon, or grilled veal loin with sautéed vegetables, celery purée and Portuguese sauce.

Gastronomic Experiences on the Island

The local gastronomy of Terceira Island, in the Azores, is rich and diverse, with traditional dishes that reflect the culture and history of the region. The abundance of fish and shellfish in the surrounding waters plays an important role in the local cuisine, with dishes such as fish soup and stewed octopus among the highlights.

Meat is also an important part of the local cuisine. Some of the most popular dishes include “Alcatra”, which is a traditional way of preparing meat in a clay oven, and “Bife à Regional”, a steak fried in butter with garlic and pepper. Another notable dish is “Morcela da Praia”, a pig’s blood sausage that is a local specialty.

Sweets are another key component of the local cuisine. “Donas Amélias”, sweet cakes named after Queen Dona Amélia, are one of the most famous desserts on the island. Other popular sweets include “Alfenim”, a white sugar candy molded into various shapes, and “Espécie”, a sweet made from dough filled with honey, sugar, cinnamon and other spices.

The cuisine of Terceira Island is accompanied by local wines, such as Vinho Verdelho, a dry white wine produced from the Verdelho grape. Cheese is also a popular local product, with Queijo Vaquinha being one of the best known.

The culinary diversity of Terceira Island is reflected in the R3 restaurant, which offers a variety of dishes ranging from healthy salads to exquisite fish and seafood dishes, as well as tempting meat dishes. Its three distinct rooms offer a culinary experience adapted to every taste, whether for a quick and healthy meal, a fresh seafood dinner, or a more time-consuming and romantic dining experience. All of this makes the R3 a mandatory stop for lovers of good food who visit Terceira Island.

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