Diving Trips

Both the proper temperature of sea water ranging between 17 and 23 Celsius, and in its transparency and visibility, diving in the Azores is always a pleasure and it is easy to dip in the company of a mere, or observe the many varieties of flora and fauna underwater.
Due to the morphology of the islands, the slope of the back is steep, easily accessing the depths comfortable for any kind of diving:

Diving Trips
With possibility to make various types of diving in coastal sites with caves, caverns, tunnels, arches and sandy bottoms, as well as coastal and low in volcanic seamounts. The diving can be from shore or boat.

Initiation to diving
Held in pool and sea. After briefing on the equipment, breathing techniques and underwater communication, the instructor invites you to accompany him on an unforgettable journey through the seas of the Azores. Recommended for those who want to get started in diving.

Diving courses
Courses are varied and geared to demand, consisting of theoretical and practical sessions and confined water dives in the sea with boat trip.

Diving to the sea surface using mask and snorkel. Activity that does not requires technical knowledge or additional effort and can be easily practiced by parents and children.