Tourism Fishing

For lovers of sport fishing inshore, there are available boat trips to fish with the opportunity to capture several species.

Trolling and leger fishing
Which is to keep the boat moving by dragging the bait, making it real (method suitable for fishing for bass, mackerel, billfish, among others).

Fishing along the coast
Involves placing the bait near the bottom (used along the coast allowing the capture of coastal species).

Big game fishing
Big game fishing is becoming even more popular thanks to these islands world records here obtained with sharks, tuna or swordfish. Only very few kilometers from the coast, the sea in the Azores is already 300 to 800 meters deep. Thanks to this fact, the islands of the Azores are a perfect heaven for big game fishing.

Underwater Fishing
In the seas around the Azores exists a very interesting underwater world waiting to be explored by you… Accept our challenge, come and explore the Azorean waters that are unmistakable with a wealth of great potential for submarine hunting, thanks to their biodiversity.

During the dive you will always be accompanied by an expert and properly certified instructor, who will be offering you the safety you want and need. Like this you can quickly be able to get the hang of it. Enjoy it!